#Street Team Probs

Jul 15, 2013 -- 2:11pm

Being a part of the street team is some seriously fun stuff. We go to Moondogs games, hang out at Mankato Fun Days, help host events and, sometimes, walk in parades! Which is pretty cool if you ask me. The kids idolize you as they stampede to grab candy and stickers. It's fun -- honestly.

The Mankato Fun Days parade was no different. Except it was pouring rain on Saturday and I believe my tennis shoes still might be drying out. Oh well. We do it for the kids.

On a happier note, we got to mess around with props this weekend! The picture below is Stunt and I bothering each other as usual. Be sure to listen to #SexDecoded on Wednesdays!

Basically, the street team is both the most awesome and incredibly random job in all history. When was the last time your boss asked you to cut out paper moustaches? Yeah. I didn't think so. 

-- Intern Chelsea


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