Should We Meet This Inmate?

Jul 09, 2013 -- 7:10am

Periodically we look up inmates on If you get creative with your searches you may even find out why they've been thrown in prison. 

That's how Johnny met Jamie. She's a young, attractive woman who is incarcerated for burglary. Naturally he wants to start a budding friendship via snail mail. Cari is apprehensive to start corresponding with an inmate. What do you think?


Jamie Music #15121363
24499 SW Grahams Ferry Rd
Wilsonville, OR. 97070

Hello, I am new to this experience. I am a good girl in a bad situation. I am honest, smart, and beautiful. This sounds like a cheesy ad, so I am just going to say that I am in prison, and lonely, and looking for someone to write me, get to know me, and eventually fall in love with me. I believe that if it's meant to be, it will be. I will be waiting.....are you my destiny?

Johnny's letter:

Hello Jamie!

My name is Johnny Marks. I enjoy short walks away from beaches. Kidding. Well, maybe… Never been on a long walk.

Anyway, my partner Cari and I host the Big Hot Morning Show on HOT 96-7 in Mankato, Minnesota. She said I shouldn’t write to you, I said “why not?!” Then I tuned out so no idea what she said. Anyways, how are you? Do you get to listen to the radio in there? What kind of music do you like? I would imagine you like music since it’s in your name…

Can you make calls in there? If so, you should call in sometime!

I’d love to correspond with you, if that’s cool. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Johnny Marks


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