Puffy Paint Probs

Jul 08, 2013 -- 2:48pm

Puffy Paint

High school, the golden years. We’d all dress up for homecoming week with crazy outfits and participate in ridiculous contests so our class would reign supreme. What I remember best, however, is the puffy paint. For whatever reason some artistic person back in the seventh grade decided that puffy painting a shirt was the best way to get a message across.

Being the big, mature adult I am, puffy paint still seems the best option. So, last night I got crafty and bought a few GIANT water bottles and started puffy painting Aztec designs on them with sayings like “Engine Fuel, Go-Go-Juice” and “Fire Whiskey.”

As it turns out, my puffy painting skills went downhill quickly after my last homecoming.

Puffy paint is everywhere. Smudged my WeFest project approximately 17 times.

Based on how long it took me to finish one, I officially refuse to do any creative projects for this internship.

#SorryStunt #NotArtistic #Failure

-- Intern Chelsea

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