Top 5 Signs You Should Propose

Jun 18, 2013 -- 12:21pm

Today's Top 5 Tuesday comes to us from Intern Kelsey... and her boyfriend, Austin. 

Top 5 Signs You Should Propose

5. If they're coming into money... snatch them up!

4. It's been 4+ years

3. There are two lines

2. You have out-kicked your coverage

1. Your girlfriend made a Top 5 topic about you... ahem... Austin. 


Intern Curly: I have to find a boyfriend first. 

Intern Kelsey: When you get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside that you know you're going to be together forever. Awww....

What is your tell-tale sign that you should put a ring on it? Comment below or Tweet us at Hot 96.7 / Stunt Monkey


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