Top 5 Lake Essentials

Jun 11, 2013 -- 11:03am

Now that the sun is FINALLY deciding to make an appearance, all of us at Hot 96.7 are itching to go out on the lake. Today's Top 5 Tuesday is dedicated to the must-haves when you finally get out on the lake and soak up some sun!

Top 5 Lake Essentials

5. Beach Towel

4. Music (duh)

3. Boat

2. Frisbee 

1. Sunglasses -- so that no one knows where I'm looking. ;)


Intern Curly: A bottle of Summer Shandy... or two or three. 

Intern Kelsey: A lifejacket -- which is funny, cause she lives on a lake. 

Jeff "The Hulk" Hendrix: A swimsuit

What do you make sure you have when you hit the lake? Comment below or Tweet Hot 96.7 / Stunt Monkey

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