"Team Bonding" Problems

Jun 10, 2013 -- 2:38pm

Team bonding is not supposed to be the equivalent of a hunger games death match battle royale.

Except, Stunt decided our ‘friendly game of laser tag’ was boys versus girls. The boys were excited. I can't say I was.
I think you saw this coming, but I ran around the laser tag course like an ambushed chicken with no idea how to play a game of laser tag to begin with. Their victory was completely unfair, if I do say so myself.
To put it simply, if I were thrown into the hunger games and my survival was based on my ability to play laser tag, I wouldn’t be posting this right now.
I vote next time we do team ‘bonding’ the boys play laser tag in pumps. We girl interns might stand a better chance that way.
Besides, who wouldn’t want to see Stunt rocking a pair of five inch heels?


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