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VOTE! Pre-Show Message!

Nov 04, 2014 -- 8:57am

A video posted by Jeff Lang (@stuntmonkey967) on

Ariana rocks, JLo goes dateless, and Taylor may be loco!

Oct 20, 2014 -- 7:11pm

We all love our celebrity news.  Whether you want to admit it or not, how the rich and famous conduct themselves is interesting!  There are several cable channels and internet websites devoted to this very thing.

Today, I have chosen to single out three of pop music's heavyweights; Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and Taylor Swift.

Ariana Grande is probably my favorite "diva" that is currently performing.  Her angelic voice is the closest thing we will ever get to "mid 90's Mariah Carey" - which many of you will remember was sheer perfection.  I have loved every song that she has ever been part of, and her most recent hit "Love Me Harder" may be my favorite.  She is drop-dead gorgeous, a very good actress, and by all accounts a very down to earth, humble, young lady.  There are many in the industry that could learn a thing or two, from observing the conduct, and work ethic, of Ariana Grande.

I remember when Jennifer Lopez was a "Fly Girl" on the television show 'In Living Color' - and I have pretty much been a fan ever since.  Another beautiful woman that can; sing, dance, and act - it would seem like getting a date would be no problem.  However, JLo admits that she is "super picky" when it comes to men, and is all about moving slowly when she meets a person of interest.  Problem is, JLo doesn't really date, at present.  Her friends and family are very concerned.  They shouldn't be.  At age 45, Lopez is looking for real love, not just a good time.  Bravo!  Brains, looks, and talent......I wonder if she will be in Mankato any time soon? :)

Taylor Swift is a gal that is........let's just be nice and say "quirky".  It was not all that long ago that she had a reputation in Hollywood as being somewhat of a slut.  She has had many quick flings over the years, most of which have been with A-List celebrities.  But Taylor hasn't found true love yet - not even close - and now her desperation has reached a whole other level.  Taylor is reporting now, that she is letting her cats decide who she will date.  Simply put, if you want to date Taylor, her cats better like you.  Not very scientific, right?  Your chances are better on match.com, than making this work.  If I ever get an invitation to 'cruise over to Taylor's place' - I am definitely bringing some catnip, or a can of albacore! LOL

Ty Breaks Down This Week's High School Football Games.......kinda, lol!

Aug 28, 2014 -- 2:16pm

I love football, on any level.  It could be the pros playing on Super Bowl Sunday - or a pee-wee team of 10 year olds, it doesn't matter.  I love football.

And I certainly remember how fired up I was when I played in high school, especially before the first game of the season.  Hot 96.7 is at the opener for Mankato West tonight, as they take on the Tigers, from Albert Lea.  I am certainly no expert when it comes to picking winners, but I have (not so scientifically) disected 6 area games for this weekend, and have made a prediction for each one.

Good luck to you and your kids, wherever they may be playing this weekend! Here we go!

1) Mankato West vs. Albert Lea - The Scarlets are always very good - whereas the Tigers are not.  Its a home game for Mankato West, the crowd will be huge, and very pumped up.  Did I mention that Mankato West won this game last year by the score of 64-14!?  If the Scarlets lose this game - I will streak down Riverfront Drive TONIGHT!  Its just not happening.  Mankato West wins this one, big!

2) St. Peter vs. Windom - It's a FOOTBALL FRIDAY tomorrow night in St. Peter, and it should be a victorious one for the Saints.  St. Peter can score points on offense, and Windom cannot.  The Eagles are seemingly always bad, and they only averaged about 9 points per game last year.  The Saints will go marching in (to the end zone), LOL!  I got the Saints!

3) Fairmont vs. Jackson County Central - This is, without question, the best game in the area this weekend.  These are two teams that are very familiar with each other, and are long time rivals.  In a very close, physical game - I got the Cardinals!

4) Mankato East vs. Rochester Century - Are you ready for a big upset?  Wins have been hard to come by for the Cougars recently, and this is a game they lost badly last season. However, REVENGE is a huge factor in high school and college football - and East should be more than motivated for the season opener.  The Cougars will definitely open some eyes, after they pull this one off!

5) New Ulm vs. New Prague - This is a match-up of two squads that COMBINED for one victory last season, so this is a big game for each.  Points will be at an absolute premium, as both of these offenses were terrible last year.  My ex-wife went to New Prague......which makes this pick a lil easier - gimme the New Ulm Eagles, to get their first win in two years!

6) Loyola vs. Blooming Prairie - I wanna pick the Crusaders to win this game soooooo badly - my son is a future Crusader, and this would be an enormous win.  The problem is, Blooming Prairie is; very good, very experienced, and very confident.  They made it to State last year, and beat Loyola 46-7.  I believe this will be a much better season for Loyola, but this may be biting off a lil more than they can chew - especially for week 1. In a game that will be closer than many think, I'll still take Blooming Prairie, reluctantly.



Fantasy Football Wednesdays

Aug 08, 2014 -- 1:21pm


Fantasy Football with Ty by Hot 96.7 on Mixcloud


Fearless Viking Predictions!

Aug 07, 2014 -- 6:25pm

The Vikings open their season tomorrow night against the Raiders - and optimism is in the air here in Mankato.  Expectations are not very high for the Vikings this year, according to the experts.  The great thing about the 'experts' however, is that most of the time they are wrong!

If you are a fan of the Purple - but you don't want to have to actually sit through all 16 games this season, don't worry.  I have taken the time to forecast the outcome of every game this year, so fear not!  You don't even have to watch a single game....just read below, and you will know exactly how this season will turn out for the Vikings.  Here we go - hint, hint - get your playoff tickets now, lol!

Here are weeks 1-4, guaranteed, lol!

Week 1 at St. Louis Rams - WIN (30-24) - The Rams haven't been any good since Bill Clinton's first term. SKOL!

Week 2 vs. New England Patriots - WIN (19-13) - Tom Brady gets injured on the escalator at Mall of America, and has a bad game. We'll take it.

Week 3 at New Orleans Saints - WIN (33-30) - The Vikes have been waiting a long time for some payback from that NFC Championship Game loss a few years ago.  Brett Favre can't throw this one away. LOL

Week 4 vs. Atlanta Falcons - WIN (23-7) - The "D" is fantastic, the home crowd is raucous, and A.P. runs wild on the Falcons!

So far so good.  We are 4-0 after the first month.

If only it were this easy!

Ty's Weirdos for the Week!

Jul 09, 2014 -- 7:23pm

Have you ever seen someone out in public, or maybe even on TV - and you think to yourself,"What in the world is wrong with that guy/gal?  Me too, we probably all have.  Well, with that in mind, I found a few people this week that absolutely deserve to be made fun of.  Sometimes I do stupid stuff......but not this stupid, lol!  Check these stories out.

1) HORSIN' AROUND - In Alabama, police recently arrested a 45-year old woman who was attempting to rob a liquor store ON HORSEBACK!  When the cops arrived, they found the horse tied up in front of the store, with a bag of Keystone Light cans hanging from the saddle.  When police entered the store the woman was demanding cigarettes, and threatening store employees with a screwdriver.  Upon being arrested, the woman was heard screaming,"Just take care of Dino!" - Dino is living a comfortable, crime free life on a nearbye farm - while his former owner is sitting in jail.  Nowadays, I don't think anyone can get away with ANY CRIME ON HORSEBACK! LOL

2) WHAT'S THAT SMELL! - The police in Berlin, Germany got calls about a foul odor that was coming from inside an apartment.  The cops, thinking there was a dead body inside, prepared for the worst.  When they broke down the door, they found the tenant (a 24 year old male) sleeping next to a giant pile of dirty laundry.  The clothes, along with the man's dirty feet, were responsible for the smell.  Neighbors that were two blocks away were complaining about the stench.  How funky does a guy have to be to be offending neighbors that are a half mile away?  Can you be thrown in jail for being too stinky?  Maybe you should.

3) MAN FINDS GOD....KINDA - In Baton Rouge, Louisiana - there is a chef that claims he found God in an eggplant.  I will explain.  He was cutting open an eggplant, and he claims that the seeds inside the eggplant very clearly spelled out the word 'GOD'.  He claims it is a life-changing miracle.  So, if you are looking to find God - I suggest starting in the produce department! LOL

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