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A Bus Driver Saved a Baby She Saw Walking Alone in Freezing Weather

If you haven’t seen this yet, a bus driver in Milwaukee named Irena Ivic was in the middle of her shift last month when she saw a toddler walking across an overpass ALONE.  (Her last name is pronounced Eev-ich.) This was all back on December 22nd, but we’re hearing about it now after the city posted…Continue Reading

Headlines With Cari

JAYME CLOSS HAS BEEN FOUND A 13-year-old northwestern Wisconsin girl who went missing in October after her parents were killed has been found alive in a rural town about an hour from her home, authorities said Thursday. The Barron County Sheriff’s Department said on its Facebook page that Jayme Closs has been located and that…Continue Reading

M&M’s Set To Release Jalapeño Peanut Flavor In 2019

For the longest time, we seemed to get along fine with just the two M&M’s flavors we know and love. The cranky, street-smart plain one and the gentle, if slightly dopey peanut one. Yes, I’m assigning the actual candies personalities based on the guys in the ads. It’s not weird, OK? Anyway, the ’90s saw…Continue Reading