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A Woman Got Her City to Fix a Pothole by Putting a Christmas Tree in It

Do this any other month of the year and you get fined for reckless endangerment.  But in December, it’s just festive problem-solving . . . A massive pothole recently opened up in the middle of a street in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  (Pronounced Wilks Berry)  And people in the neighborhood reported it to the city. But they were…Continue Reading

A Secret Santa in Idaho Is Giving Away $250,000 to People Who Need Help

Another day, another anonymous Secret Santa helping people out. For the fourth year in a row, someone in Idaho is handing out big checks to people for the holidays.  And this year, they’re giving away a QUARTER-OF-A-MILLION BUCKS. They’re working with a local news station and asking viewers to nominate people who DESERVE help.  The…Continue Reading