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A Kid Sold Pumpkins for Halloween to Help Raise Money for a Service Dog

There’s a six-year-old kid in western Michigan named Ian Unger who has type-1 diabetes.  So his parents constantly have to monitor his insulin levels.  And they’ve been looking into getting him a service dog to help. Dogs can be specially trained now to sense when your insulin levels are dropping, just by smelling you.  But…Continue Reading

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Have Broken Up

So who saw this coming . . . besides EVERYONE ON EARTH, I mean:  ARIANA GRANDE and PETE DAVIDSON have broken up.  A so-called “source” says, quote, “It was way too much too soon.  It’s not shocking to anyone.” They started dating in May, just a few weeks after Ariana split from rapper MAC MILLER.  Within months they were engaged,…Continue Reading