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Meteorologist Denies Using Racial Slur On-Air After Firing

WHEC meteorologist Jeremy Kappell was fired after it appears he used a racial slur during his forecast. During a weather forecast on Friday which showed a live shot of the city’s Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, Jeremy Kappell appeared to refer to it as “Martin Luther Coon King Jr. Park.”


Rochester's WHEC Channel 10 decided to slip a little racist reference to Dr King in close to his birthday. This aired 1/4/19 @ aproximately 5:30 pmListen as the newscaster decides that Martin Luther King should be referred to as Martin Luther Coon King and keeps it moving the other day. I have already asked for an explanation from WHEC about this:Thank you Cristy Barber Peck for identifying and sharing the video.

Posted by Alan Majors on Saturday, January 5, 2019


He took to social media Monday to explain what happened. Jeremy Kappell has denied using any slur, and said he just stumbled on his words.