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Mankato’s Tim Walz sworn in as Minnesota’s 41st governor; Native American lieutenant governor makes history

Tim Walz is officially the 41st governor of Minnesota after his swearing-in Monday morning in St. Paul.

Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flannagan and Governor Tim Walz.

In his inaugural address, Walz reiterated his vision of “One Minnesota.” He said, “One Minnesota is in our blood, it is borne of our shared values, it’s sewn into the fabrics of our communities, it is driven by the collective good and fueled by our innovation, no matter how daunting the challenge, no matter how dark the times, Minnesotans have always risen up by coming together.”

Walz also stressed the importance of education in his new administration and explained that the, “Foundation to our past, present,¬†and future, is the quality of our people¬†and that all begins with education. Every student in Minnesota deserves the opportunity to learn at the best schools in the country with caring qualified teachers.”

Walz also counted healthcare and infrastructure fixes among his top priorities when the legislative session begins Tuesday.

After taking the oath as Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor, Peggy Flanagan became the highest-ranking Native woman ever elected to executive office in the country.

In her inaugural address, Flanagan shared a message of inclusion, saying, “One Minnesota does not mean that we are all the same. One Minnesota means that we work together across lines of difference to find our shared values and improve people’s lives. So, let’s get to work.”

Flanagan also told young Indigenous people, young people of color and young people in rural communities who feel forgotten that they, “Deserve to be seen, heard, and valued.”