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Weapon charge possible after accidental gun discharge at a Mankato apartment Monday morning

A Mankato man could be facing a weapons charge after police say his gun went off at an apartment on James Avenue at about 2:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Commander Dan Schisel said the 21-year-old gun owner reported the incident immediately and the round, “Went through a window and it went to the exterior and there’s an embankment there so it’s believed it did not hit anything else.”

Schisel said the man did not appear to have been cleaning the gun or playing around with it, but was, “Going to sleep at this time. It sounds like maybe he was trying to rack a round into the chamber and at that time it accidentally went off.”

Investigators determined that the man had been drinking before the incident, but how much he’d had hasn’t yet been released. “There was a preliminary breath test done,” Schisel explained, “And it did show that he had been consuming.”

The Blue Earth County Prosecutor’s Office will determine whether to charge him with reckless discharge of a weapon. His name will not be released until and unless charges are filed.