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Watch Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Play “Playground Insults” [VIDEO]

“Deadpool 2” co-stars RYAN REYNOLDS and JOSH BROLIN engaged in a game of Playground Insults . . . which is just what it sounds like:  Two guys hurling ridiculously childish insults at each other.

Ryan had the better material, like when he called Josh a “muffin-snuggling pirate puncher” . . . or when he said, “You’re so old you make dust look like a baby.”  He also asked Josh if his favorite color is “mediocre”.

Then there was this one:  “You’re so bad in ‘Goonies’ that when you come on-screen people don’t drink, they punch themselves in the [wiener] for five minutes.”

Josh was definitely less witty, but he did go to the “Green Lantern” well a couple times.  Like when he said, “‘Green Lantern’:  End of career, and yet you’re still going.  Why?  None of us can understand it.”