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Careful with that Phone

Your phone is the most expensive thing we carry around, seriously dangerous. How is our lifeline to everything and everyone we love so small and easy to destroy? According to a recent survey, 22% of us have gotten angry and HURLED our phone across the room before. What else have we done with our phones?

  1. Cracked screen –  62% of us have
  2. Phone on the toilet? 94% said yes, the other 6% obviously lied!
  3. Dropped into the toilet and had to fish it out? 23% of us have. Wow, that’s gross.
  4. Sleeping with your phone – 92% of us do, including 9% who put it under their pillow.

Bottom line we need to baby these things, not just for the data they supply, but for the cost.

Source on those stats: Buzzfeed

-Intern Tiara